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Windows 10 for Court Reporters, Part 1

When Oh When Should I Load Windows 10?

Date:            Thu, Feb 25th, 2016 8:30:00 pm Eastern Time
Presenter:   Marybeth Everhart
Price:            $49
CEUs:            .2
Recording:   Yes, 10 days after live event occurs
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Whether to download Windows 10 is a big question within the reporting community. Is it better? Can I successfully upgrade my computer? Why should I upgrade? Most important of all, will it work with Eclipse? This webinar suite will answer those questions and many more. It was conceived of and created by Eclipse experts specifically for court reporters and will address your needs and concerns.


In Part 1, we'll discuss the benefits and risks, tell you how to determine if you should upgrade, how to prepare for the upgrade, and how to best use Windows 10 as a reporting professional. If you're either undecided whether to load Windows 10, or have recently downloaded it, these webinars are for you.


Part 1, Should I or Shouldn't I?


In Part 1 our panel of presenters will talk about whether you should migrate to Windows 10, what's good, what's bad, and what's ugly. It's a big decision, so it's important to consider all aspects. The fact that it's free should not affect your thinking. It's either a good move, or it's not. It begins with Eclipse. Is your version compatible? Our presenters will share the information they have gathered with respect to which versions of Eclipse and other CAT programs are compatible with Windows 10.


What are some of the other benefits versus downsides?


  • Some things don't successfully update.
  • Windows 10 Home Edition downsides.
  • You have to spend time learning how Windows 10 works.
  • New security concerns.


  • Speed. Faster boot times and shutdowns, but you may need to perform a complete shut down (vs a reboot) in some instances.
  • A longer runway to obsolescence.
  • Storage Spaces: Your system can recognize all your drives as a single storage pool.
  • Reset options make it easier to fix Windows problems.


These are just some of the considerations, risks, and benefits. Our presenters will also step through a version-by-version Windows risk-reward analysis, starting with Windows XP and moving up through Windows 8.1. They'll also talk about which version of Eclipse you're using and whether it is likely to run happily on Windows 10.

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