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John & Marybeth Everhart

Marybeth Everhart is the kind of speaker everyone enjoys: lively and interesting, thought-provoking and humorous, and always comfortable working with an audience. Part of that is a gift, but the rest comes because she is so well-founded in our profession, having worked in it since 1980 as a reporter, captioner, CART provider, instructor, trainer, and now as National Marketing Manager for Realtime Coach. She and her husband and co-presenter, John, met when he was studying court reporting at Villa Julie College, where she was Department Head and an instructor. (The rest, as they say, is history.) John is a graduate of UCLA and after studying at Villa Julie opened eVerbatim, Inc., a Maryland-based business dedicated to the needs of the reporting profession. They sell hardware and software and offer various services, including these webinars.

John & Marybeth Everhart's Webinars:

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