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Suite Deal, Part 4: You Get The Picture

Date:            Wed, Jan 18th, 2012 8:30:00 pm Eastern Time
Presenter:   Keith Vincent
Price:            $49
CEUs:            .2
Recording:   Yes, Immediate
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Good display settings are like the difference between a peephole and a picture window. When your screen isn't right, it strains your eyes, slows down your editing, gives you a headache, makes you grumpy, and probably alters your entire cosmic balance. Yet optimizing display settings is an amazingly elusive task for many. Keith is going fix that by showing you how to take control of your screen in both Windows and Eclipse. You'll learn how to zoom like a super hero, choose colors and fonts like a fashion designer, and use multiple windows and split screens like a maven. What's not to like?

In Part 4 Keith will remove the training wheels and . . .  No, it doesn't get harder from here on in, but it does get more interesting. He's going to show you how to customize your toolbars so you can have handy icons for just the things you want in Eclipse. The Translation Statistics window is a godsend, but does it have to be so large and show so many things? Nope, and Keith will tell you how to tune it. Then come the specialized screen types:  full screens for CART work and, time permitting, the CART window. In Eclipse as in life, multiple windows will give you a better view. Different jobs, dictionaries, notes, it doesn't matter. Eclipse will remember your cursor position when you move to another window. He'll finish up with the brand new Info Bar in Version 5. You can control all kinds of things on that sucker including width, fonts, what's displayed, and how to optimize your Autobriefs. Wow!

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