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Keith's Favorite e-Tips - Part 4

Date:            Tue, Jan 29th, 2013 8:30:00 pm Eastern Time
Presenter:   Keith Vincent
Price:            $49
CEUs:            .2
Recording:   Yes, Immediate
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Keith Vincent and Wil Wilcox have been cranking out their excellent bulletins for over a decade.  Thousands of Eclipse users around the country and the world read them regularly and make use of the wonderful Eclipse tips written by Keith and the technical tips written by Wil.  This is the fourth webinar in a popular series begun a couple of years ago.  In each webinar Keith picks several of his favorite and most useful e-Tips.  All good.  All timesavers.  All the more reason to join us.  Sign up today!  Part 5 is scheduled for March 6th and together they are a two-webinar suite.  If you sign up for both you'll save a total of $50: $10 off the suite and $40 on NCRA CEU fees because you can submit one form for both webinars in the suite.

Keith's e-Tips webinars are chockful of wonderful information that users at every level can benefit from.  Here's a list of the tips Keith will cover in Parts 4 and 5 of this two-part suite.  Plus, Keith is doing something new this time. He's inviting you to email him to suggest your favorite tips. He's going to hand-pick a few of those, too, so this truly will be an interactive webinar experience. Send yours to:


-Macros for Slop-Stroke Conflicts (Tip 125)
-Auto-Brief:  "Minimum Reminder Savings" (Tip 119)
-Integral Prefix/Suffix Translation (Tip 117)
-Auto-scrolling during Editing or Proofreading (Tip 107)
-Auto-Start Bridge Program and Bridge Client Guide (Tip 106)
-Speakers & By-Lines (Tip 15)
-Quick index line changes - Alt F1 (Tip 24)
-Enhanced Auto-Punctutation (Tips 40 & 52)
-Macro from turning Plural back to Singular (Tip 69)
-Auto-Marked spots and related searches (Tip 73)
-How to Use Multiple Auto-Backups in Total Eclipse 5 (Tip 102)

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