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Why do I need to create an account to get support?

Our support systems are tied directly into the main account you create when you register for a webinar.  When you register for an account (whether you are paying for a webinar or just registering for free) you are automatically given access to the Account Dashboard as well as out Support Systems.

How do I create a FREE Account?

To create a free account on our website, just click here and use the ORDER NOW button to "purchase" the free account dashboard product. In order to register for a webinar, you must have a free account on our website which will give you lifetime access to your Account Dashboard as well as unlimited access to our Knowledge Base and Support Ticket systems.  Once you are ready to register for a webinar, you can do so directly from your Account Dashboard without having to re-enter any of your information.

What is this "Account Dashboard" I keep reading about?

The Account Dashboard is the starting point of your online experience with us. Once you register with us (either for free or when you register for your first webinar) you are given unlimited and unrestricted access to the Account Dashboard as well as our Knowledge Base and Support Systems. From the Account Dashboard you can register for new webinars, print invoices, manage your profile, submit feedback and trouble tickets and, most importantly, access webinars that you have registered for.

When you register for a webinar, that webinar will appear in your Account Dashboard under the "My Active Webinars" listing.  This list contains link that will change throughout the progress of the webinar.  So, for example, if you register for a webinar before it airs live you will see a link to register for live event.  If you register for a webinar AFTER it airs live you will see links to print your handouts and CEU forms as well as playing the webinar itself.  This is a major improvement from our previous site that penalized you for registering after an event aired live by not allowing you immediate access to the recording.


The Account Dashboard is just one of the major enchancements we have made to our website, however, most of those major enhancements are accessed by the Account Dashboard which makes it so important.

I forgot my password!

If you forgot your password you have 3 options.  The options listed below are in order of their speed, with the first being the fastest.

  • Click the MY ACCOUNT button on any page of our site and fill in your email address under the "Forgot Your Password? heading.  Your password will be emailed to you within a few minutes.
  • Submit a Support Ticket
  • Give us a call.  Due to the limited staff we maintain, telephone calls can sometimes take longer than support tickets to respond to

Unlike our previous site, this new website allows you to choose your own password and change it at any time.  Because of this, and for security reasons, our technicians don't have access to your password.  If you submit a support ticket or call us we can only reset your password as opposed to just giving it to you.

Adobe Flash Issues

Our website requires that you have the latest version of Adobe's Free Flash Player installed on your system.  Our webinar players use Flash to present recordings to registrants, so this is a vital requirement of our site.  Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded from Adobe's website for free by visiting and following the links for the FREE FLASH PLAYER.  Once you have installed the latest version of the player we recommend rebooting your computer.  In most cases this is not necessary, but in some cases it is.

If, after installing the latest version of Flash player and rebooting, you still receive an error message telling you to download the latest version, it's most likely because your installation was corrupted OR you are running into a known issue with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Adobe's Flash player.  You can click here to view the troubleshooting path to correct this error, however it's probably easier to just access our site with a different web browser like Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox.  Please note that each browser needs its own version of the Flash player so you may have to visit Adobe's website and download the latest version of the player for your alternate browser.

We have had the best success when using our site with either Mozilla FireFox or Google's Chrome browser but Internet Explorer Version 7 and 8 are both known to work fine as well.

ZIP Files

When a webinar (or webinar series) contains multiple handouts, we group those handouts togther inside of a ZIP file.  A ZIP file contains one or more files that have been compressed to reduce file size or to combine the files as a group.  By combining our handouts into a single ZIP file we are able to give you a single download link that includes all the handouts for that particular webinar.

Most computers today have a built in "compression" (zipping & unzipping) utility.  This feature is built into Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.  However, there are a great many programs available that are specifically designed to ZIP and UNZIP files; the most popular of these is WinZip.

The WinZip program is an easy to use utility that allows users to create, modify and extract files from ZIP archives.  A trial copy of this program has been included on every Total Eclipse installation CD for a great many years.  If you cannot find your CD, and do not have a compression program installed on your computer, we hacv provided a link to a trial/evaluation version of the WinZip program.  This is an unlimited trial, so it will not expire, although each time you use the program it will remind you that it is in fact a trial.

Click here to download the WinZip trial to your computer

Once you install the program you can use it to unzip your files to the location of your choosing.

What version of Flash Player do i need & how do i get it?

At the time this site was developed the current version of Adobe Flash Player was version 9.  This means that you will need ATLEAST version 9 of Adobe Flash Player to use our site.  However, we do recommend that you update your Flash Player whenever an update becomes available as we will be taking advantage of features in newer versions.  Once you install the latest version of Flash Player the program will automatically notify you when updates are available and will even install them for you if you wish.

Adobe Flash Player is a free program provided by the Adobe Corporation, so there should be no reason you shouldn't have the most current version.

Click Here to obtain the latest version of the FREE Flash Player from Adobe

Where's the Calendar?

Many of you who registered for webinars with us in the past were used to seeing events listed in a calendar on our old site.  For simplicity, we have removed that calendar from the new site.  We found that we can't seem to prepare these webinars far enough in advance to actually warrant a calendar system, so we instead opted for a simple list of events.

This new list, which can be found by clicking the "Available Webinars" link in the red navigation bar, will display ALL of the webinars that are currently open for registration, whether they are new webinars or ones that have taken place in the past.

You can also see a list of available webinars by logging into your "Account Dashboard" by clicking the "My Account" button in the red navigation bar.  Once you login you will see a section entitled "Webinars Available for Registration" which will only contain the webinars that are open for registration and that you are allowed to register for.

No Coupon Section in Account Dashboard

Some areas of our website only show themselves when there is actually content there to display; the coupon code area is one of them.  If a coupon code has been assigned directly to your account (reasons for this can vary) a "My Personal Coupons" section will appear just underneath the "Webinars Available for Registration" section.  These coupons are ONLY valid for YOUR account and will not work if submitted under someone else's username.

If you do not have any coupons available specifically to you, this section will not appear in your Account Dashboard at all.