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Can I attend the live AND recorded versions?

Your registration fee includes attendance to both version of the webinar, live AND recorded.  By default you are only registered for the recorded version.  If you would like to attend the live version simply follow the instructions located in the FAQ article "How do attend the live version of a webinar?".

Can I register for webinars that have already taken place?

From time to time we will open registration up for webinars that have been previously recorded.  This is done solely at our discretion, but we can't open webinars for just one person.  When we decide to open an archived webinar for additional registrations we will notify you by email (if you are on our mailing lists).  Registrations for these events will be limited to a specific amount of time, which we will disclose to you on both the emails we send AND using the "Latest News" section in the top right corner of our website.

How many webinars can I take?

We do not limit the number of webinars that you can register for or the number of CEU credits you can earn from us.  In fact, we encourage you to register for as many as you can to increase your knowledge of the Total Eclipse software so that you can become a more productive professional.

What does my "registration" include?

Your registration fee for each webinar (or webinar series) includes access to the both the live webinar and the recorded version of that webinar.  The live webinar will occur on the posted date and time and is only available at that time.  Approximately 10 days AFTER the live webinar takes place, the recording of that webinar will be available.

You may access the recording, regardless of whether you attended the live version or not, for up to 90 days.  During that 90-Day period you are permitted to view that recording a limited number of times.  If you attempt to view the recording too many times the system will terminate your access to that specific webinar.

In addition to the live and recorded webinars, your registration also includes any handouts/outlines that are made available to you from our presenters.  CEUs are given for each webinar, however the registration fee paid to Eclipse Webinars does NOT include the redemption fee that the NCRA charges you to redeem those CEUs.  That fee is charged by the NCRA and paid directly to the NCRA, and we have no control over that.

How many coupons can I use?

You can only use 1 coupon (discount) code per webinar.  If you have multiple coupon codes, you can use as many as you would like, but only 1 coupon can be redeemed at a time.  Some coupon codes are locked to specific webinars, so if the code does not work be sure you are applying it to the correct event.

Also, some coupon codes are locked to their owner's account.  That means that if a friend gave you a code and it doesn't work for you, it probably means that we have locked that code to their account.  Coupon Codes are NOT transferable to different accounts or any of our additional websites.

When does registration close?

Each webinar has it's own registration closing date, which can vary.  However, almost all of our webinars follow these guidelines for the registration closing date.

Single Part Webinars:
The registration for a Single Part Webinar closes at midnight on the day that webinar is scheduled to air live.

Multi-Part Webinars:
For webinars that have more than one part, the registration for ALL parts of that webinar will remain open until midnight on the day the last part of the series is scheduled to air live.

Once a registration closes for a particular event, no additional registrations will be accepted.  We may reopen registration for the recording of a webinar in the future, but you would have to wait until that time to register for the event if you miss the initial registration offering.

I forgot to use my coupon!

Your credit card is charged as soon as you click the SUBMIT button during the registration process.  As soon as that registration has been completed we CANNOT adjust the amount you paid.  This means that if you forgot to submit your coupon/discount code during registration there is nothing we can do.  Most coupon codes we issue are good for any webinar you purchase, unless it's a discount on registering for multiple webinars at a time, so you can just apply it to the next webinar you take with us.

Can I register over the phone?

Because of the way our system is setup ALL registrations must occur directly through our website.  You are welcome to call us if you are having trouble with the registration process, but you still must register yourself online.  Our website and servers use the latest security encryption technologies to ensure your information stays safe.  We do not store your credit card information, only your address and phone number, for an added layer of security.