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We've always found that if you want to be the best you not only have to ACT that way, but also surround yourself with the best personnel to help you stay that way. Here at we strive to do just that and have surrounded ourselves from the ground up with some of the best minds that the court reporting community has to offer. has the pleasure and distinction to offer you training by long-time working reporters, Eclipse programmers and contributors, veteran sales agents with decades of experience and certified technicians. We're confident (through experience and many customer testimonials) that if you take a webinar with us you will see the quality and content that you deserve within just the first few minutes.

Our Presenters At

Keith Vincent Michael Starkman Jeremy Thorne
Keith Vincent Michael Starkman Jeremy Thorne
Eclipse User, Field Tester, Sales Representative, Trainer, Seminar Presenter, Author of Visualizer Movies in Total Eclipse Former Reporter, Sales Representative, Advanced Level Trainer, Seminar Presenter, Regional Eclipse Sales Director Director of Research and Development for Advantage Software, Main Eclipse Programmer and Engineer
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Paving the way...

eVerbatim was the first court reporting company to begin presenting online training webinars to CAT Software users way back in late 2006. Since then we have been constantly improving our content, website, speakers and technology to make sure that we provide the best quality training our clients deserve.

Eclipse In Our Blood is owned by eVerbatim, Inc. - which has been in the business of selling Advantage Software products since 1991. In fact, that's what our company was founded to do - sell Eclipse software. Over the years eVerbatim has grown into much more than just a sales company however Eclipse is just as much a part of our company as it ever was - and in some ways much more! Rest assured that we're not some fly-by-night company that has taken an interest in reporting. We are dedicated to court reporting and have a long history and bright future providing you with ALL your Eclipse needs!