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Suite Deal, Part 2: You Get The Picture

Date:            Wed, Nov 16th, 2011 8:30:00 pm Eastern Time
Presenter:   Keith Vincent
Price:            $49
CEUs:            .2
Recording:   Yes, Immediate
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Good display settings are like the difference between a peephole and a picture window. When your screen isn't right, it strains your eyes, slows down your editing, gives you a headache, makes you grumpy, and probably alters your entire cosmic balance. Yet optimizing display settings is an amazingly elusive task for many. Keith is going fix that by showing you how to take control of your screen in both Windows and Eclipse. You'll learn how to zoom like a super hero, choose colors and fonts like a fashion designer, and use multiple windows and split screens like a maven. What's not to like?

In two webinars Keith is going to lead us all to the promised land of visual serenity.  Like a wagon on its wheels, all CAT program settings rely on the Windows controls created by Bill Gates and his band of friendly engineers. As he has done for us so often in the past, Keith will cut through the BS, and show us what we need to know.  Then we move into the good stuff, the Eclipse settings.  Here's how it will shape up.


  • General MS Windows display tips. The starting point. You can't swim without getting wet first.
  • Eclipse display adjustments:  Permanent versus temporary.  As with dental crowns, there's a need for both.
  • Zoom levels. No single aspect is easier or more valuable.  Zoom, zoom.
  • Color adjustments. Fun, just plain fun, if anything in a program can be.
  • Editing Font and UI Font. Not as fun but still rewarding.
  • "View Toggles" Dialogue. You'll visit often.
  • Using multiple windows. Now this is really handy.
  • Splitting windows.  And so is this.
  • Realtime auto-split window.


And then:  Part 4.  Don't miss any of these.

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