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Max Out Your Translation Accuracy In Eclipse - Part 2

Date:            Wed, Jan 19th, 2011 8:30:00 pm Eastern Time
Presenter:   Michael Starkman
Price:            $49
CEUs:            .2
Recording:   Yes, Immediate
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In Part 2, Michael will pick up where he left off. This webinar suite is all about getting the most accurate results out of Eclipse and Michael has packed four hours' worth into these two webinars.  He will begin with numbers and then move through prefixes and suffixes.  He'll conclude with more on Eclipse dictionary controls.  If you signed up for Part 1, you don't want to miss Part 2.

Here is an outline of Michael's presentation for Part 2:


  • More accurate number translations
  • Identify & define core numbers, the numbers you should have in your main dictionary
  • Properly defining numbers is the first and most important step
  • Number bar: How to define numbers written on the number bar
  • Written out numbers: How to define numbers written out
  • Modifying your phonetic table
  • Words related to numbers: How to correctly define words that tie to numbers such as hundred, thousand, million, dollars and cents strokes, decimal point strokes, time, etc.
  • Prefix/Suffix handling
  • How to correctly define prefix and suffix strokes
  • Eclipse knows when to hyphenate, provided you have your prefix strokes defined properly
  • How to sort them out in your dictionaries and fix them
  • Dictionary navigation
  • Isolate and quickly repair categories of outlines that are contributing to inaccurate translations
  • Basic filtering
  • Review what a filter is and how it's helpful
  • Predefined filters
  • Use the filters to help you build writing speed!
  • Basic searches
  • Search for a steno stroke(s), word, specific number of strokes, etc.
  • Master job dictionary
  • An efficient and comprehensive alternative to job dictionary utilization

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