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Keith Vincent's Favorite e-Tips - Part 3

Date:            Wed, Jun 30th, 2010 8:30:00 pm Eastern Time
Presenter:   Keith Vincent
Price:            $49
CEUs:            .2
Recording:   Yes, Immediate
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Due to an overwhelming number of requests we have added a third part to Keith Vincent's e-Tips webinar series. The third installment in this series promises many additional Eclipse Tips to help you make the most of the Total Eclipse CAT Software!

By Popular Demand!
Keith's e-Tips Suite Has Been Extended.

A Sampling Of What Keith Will Cover:

  • How The Mark Key Works. This simple feature is too often the source of many wasted keystrokes. Learn the fastest ways to use it.
  • Customizing The Eclipse Desktop. Want to use a favorite image or photo for the Eclipse desktop instead of the diamond logo? Keith will show you how.
  • Audio Synch With File Extracts. When you create an extract or excerpt of a portion of the transcript, how do you move the audio file with it? You'll see.
  • How To Split The Eclipse Screen And Open Multiple Windows. Splitting the screen is a real help and so is opening multiple windows with different views.
  • Quick Display Controls. One of the best-kept secrets in Eclipse. Keith will show you how to pop up a table with six handy display commands.
  • Watch Words In Spell Check. Want to make sure the spelling checker stops at every instance of a word (e.g. Alan vs. Allen)? Keith will show you how.

By now most Eclipse users have heard of Keith Vincent. He's the creator of the Visualizer tutorial movies that are imbedded in Eclipse, as well as many Eclipse Training CDs. More importantly, he has a well-earned reputation as an experienced Eclipse user who has the rare ability to show others how to get the very most out of this powerful software.

Nearly a decade ago, Keith Vincent and Wil Wilcox teamed up to create a series of Eclipse software tips, appropriately called "e-Tips." They've published them every month and Eclipse users everywhere have sung their praises and thanked them for the helpful information their newsletters provide.

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