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Fall Suite Part 4: Total Eclipse 5.1 (now v6) Preview (2 of 2)

Date:            Wed, Nov 14th, 2012 8:30:00 pm Eastern Time
Presenter:   Jeremy Thorne
Price:            $49
CEUs:            .2
Recording:   Yes, Immediate
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Eclipse never rests. Jeremy Thorne, Director of Research & Development for Advantage Software, is constantly working through a never-ending "Wish List" compiled from the many requests received from Eclipse users everywhere. Many of our more intrepid users download the development version from the EclipseCAT website, trying out new features and providing feedback. Altogether hundreds participate, which is to say that our user community is the beating heart of Eclipse evolution. The result is a continual stream of new features and enhancements that respond to the changing needs of the reporting profession as well as the likes and preferences of our customers.


In 2011 Version 5 was released and it delighted our users with features like AutoMagic, vastly extended Auto-brief controls and a new text document file storage system. It also elicited a fresh stream of ideas and requests from our users and the result is the soon-to-be-released Version 5.1. In Parts 3 and 4 Michael Starkman and Jeremy Thorne will take you for a tour of what's next in Eclipse. Sign up today for our interesting and informative Fall Webinar Series presented by a talented and well-versed group of speakers. Learn from the comfort of your home and earn up to .8 CEUs at the same time.  If you sign up for all four webinars, we'll also take 15% off the single-webinar price, a $30 savings.

The list is long but here are some of the new additions and enhancements that will be part of Eclipse 5.1 and which Michael and Jeremy will review during their webinars:


Keyless: Hate keys? So do we and with 5.1 you won't need to use one:
- We'll show you how it works


Translation Magic can now be fine tuned with user controls for:
- Overall replacements will limit or expand replacements
- Mistrokes control determines how likely TM is to prefer misstrokes to phonetics
- Phonetics control determines how likely TM is to prefer phonetics to misstrokes
- Test steno feature allows you to enter steno and see how TM will render it


SPELL location for spelling dictionaries:
- If you have mutliple users with different job folders, you have multiple personal spelling dictionaries
- With one setting you can get them all to share one spelling dictionary


Number conversion in editing enhancement:
- New version now uses the original text to determine what type of number it is and retains it as it converts


Auto-brief enhancements:

- Suggestions can now include Mark Kislingbury's briefs
- Create your own briefs dictionary and Auto-brief will use it to make suggestions
- Auto-brief can count how many times it has reminded you of an entry you already have in your dictionary
- Auto-brief shortcuts can now appear in the Infobar


Dictionary analysis tool:

- Learn what words are not in your main dictionary - or any dictionary
- Determine what entries appear in more than one dictionary


Dictionary enhancements:

- Definitions now added
- Find steno faster with steno emulation


Additions to AutoMagic:

- Return to last edit point
- New end of paragraph options when not editing in realtime


And lots of feature expansions:

- More powerful job report keeps track of print commands

- New and expanded powers for the custom contractions command (Alt A)

- Typeover tracking now memorizes the last three replacements and all three choices will now appear for you to select with a single keystroke

- New CART window settings have been added

- New Division interval controls creates a "division overlap" between downloaded sections of a document

- New Translate control for digits allows users to choose whether number bar entries should be dicitonary-based or automatic

- Expanded concordant index controls

- Automatic exhibit lettering

- And more . . .

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