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Efficiency and Accuracy, Part 1

Get It Done! Expedite Transcript Delivery.

Date:            Wed, Jun 14th, 2017 8:30:00 pm Eastern Time
Presenter:   Michael Starkman
Price:            $49
CEUs:            .2
Recording:   Yes, 10 days after live event occurs
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Wouldn't it be nice to complete all of your post-editing tasks with just two clicks of the mouse? Of course it would, and that's exactly what the Delivery feature enables you to do. Print, create ASCIIs, make PDFs, make multi-page transcripts, send and attach files to email, copy or move files and more, all with just a couple of clicks. Michael will show us just how simple it is to set up and use.


Next he'll show us the powerful and versatile Output to PDF feature, which dramatically expands and increases what's contained in your PDF files. We think of PDFs as words captured and frozen in place on a digital page for our clients to read, but they can be so much more, and Michael will teach us how to get the most out of them.


Michael will finish up the webinar with a discussion about the File Locations feature, a little-known secret that can save lots of time and help you organize Eclipse for more productivity.


Join us and take file management to the next level. Automate. Organize. Save Time.

The Holy Grail of computing has always been to expedite complex jobs, simplifying and reducing them to as few steps as possible. Jeremy Thorne, the architect of Eclipse, has done this yet again. It is now possible to complete ALL of your post-editing tasks with just two clicks of the mouse using the new Transcript Delivery features. Let’s say you need to create an ASCII and a PDF, email them to your firm, and then send a backup copy of the transcript to a different folder as well as move your .wav files to an external device. Lotta steps, right? Not anymore. Now you'll just need to click the mouse twice. Or maybe you want to create an ASCII file and email it off to your firm? Again, two mouse clicks. That’s a huge difference and Michael Starkman is going to take an in-depth look at this incredible, time-saving feature.


Another way to kick up your productivity is to take full advantage of the powerful and option-packed Output to PDF tools. With the addition of this feature, third-party PDF programs are no longer needed and a multitude of new capabilities was born. Embedding scanned exhibits into the PDF file, attaching true digital signatures, and hyperlinked bookmarks in the all-word index are just a few of the many advancements conferred by this powerful and flexible new feature.


Michael will finish up the webinar with a discussion about File Locations. As the name implies, this feature tells you where your files are located, and enables you to add or make modifications so you can move and manage all of your files easily and efficiently. Suppose you want to create a folder to store your finished transcripts and a separate folder on an external drive to which you’d move and store your .wav files. That's exactly what this newly-expanded feature will enable you to do. If you're an Official Reporter, perhaps you want to create folders for unedited transcripts and quickly move them back and forth between these folders and your jobs folder. Before Jeremy expanded the File Location powers this used to be tedious, requiring many clicks and keystrokes. Now it's effortless.




Here are some of the many points Michael will cover:




  • All of your post-editing tasks are just a couple of mouse clicks away.
  • Want to create an ASCII file and attach it to an email? Two clicks of the mouse.
  • Want to print the transcript, create and email an ASCII and PDF file, all simultaneously? Two clicks of the mouse.




  • Use embedded exhibits to attach exhibits to the PDF file.
  • Built-in digital signature capability.
  • All-word index now has bookmarks.




  • Learn where your Eclipse files are kept.
  • Modify existing file locations.
  • Add new folders and file locations.

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