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Eclipse Version 7-Part 3

Magnificent New Magic. Part 3, by Jeremy Thorne

Date:            Wed, Mar 18th, 2015 8:30:00 pm Eastern Time
Presenter:   Jeremy Thorne
Price:            $49
CEUs:            .2
Recording:   Yes, 10 days after live event occurs
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Once again, there is magic in the air. Eclipse never rests, thanks to the amazing and innovative programming wizardry of its creator, Jeremy Thorne. As each major version nears release, we at Eclipse Webinars like to offer a preview.  It's usually a two-part webinar series, but Version 7 of Eclipse is so overflowing with new and improved features that we are presenting this preview over the course of three Wednesdays -- March 4, 11, and 18.  Teaming up on the presentations will be Keith Vincent, Michael Starkman, and the ultimate authority, Jeremy Thorne.

Part 3 is presented by Jeremy Thorne, and will cover all that had to be skipped over in the first two parts. Synthesized by its creator and put together like no one else can, Jeremy will explore the finer points of Eclipse 7. It has over 150 new features and enhancements, many of which are extremely subtle but important. This seminar will be an opportunity to see them demonstrated. Among the categories that will be covered are:


  • Improvements to the File Management system.
  • User-interface features to enhance speed and ease of use.
  • Editing shortcuts for greater efficiency.


No one knows the software better than Jeremy, which is why he's batting in the cleanup position. Anything not fully covered in Parts 1 & 2 will be reviewed, and any remaining questions will be answered. Eclipse 7 is a major update and Jeremy wants to make sure all users understand the power and scope of the many changes and additions he has made.

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