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Eclipse Automatic: Part 2 - AutoBrief

Date:            Wed, Feb 15th, 2012 8:30:00 pm Eastern Time
Presenter:   Michael Starkman
Price:            $49
CEUs:            .2
Recording:   Yes, Immediate
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"Autobrief" sounds like an alternative description for a Smart Car, but in reality it's an incredibly useful automatic brief system invented by Advantage Software's inimitable Jeremy Thorne. With AutoBrief on, Eclipse tracks your realtime writing and prompts you with briefs that you can use on the fly. In simple terms, when it sees unfamiliar terminology, it suggests a brief. Even better, the brief is immediately usable.  So if that brain surgeon or DNA expert is beating you up with long, complex terminology, well, AutoBrief to the rescue!  Voila! Up on your screen appears a brief for that 28-syllable, finger-twisting medical term so the next time Dr. Big Words utters that phrase, you're prepared.


But it doesn't have to be a ten on the steno-degree-of-difficulty scale for Autobrief to help out. Briefs for street names are always handy, or a brief for someone's odd, multi-syllable name, or a brief for some governmental agency the defendant worked at, or, well, you get the idea. The bottom line is this:  If you write realtime, Autobrief can help you write better.


Since it was first revealed over four years ago, AutoBrief has been continually improved, but Version 5 offers up phenomenal changes that allow you to control its suggestions like never before. So not only will we explore the basics of AutoBrief for those who have never used it, we'll also delve into the many enhancements to AutoBrief since its inception in 2007. These revisions help you get briefs tailored to your writing style, allow you to display more briefs on the screen, preserve and archive your briefs, color code the briefs, help you avoid unwanted briefs and more.  Whether you're brand new to this feature or a seasoned veteran, this is a webinar you do not want to miss.

Here are some of the points Michael will cover in this incredibly useful webinar:



  • What Autobrief does. In simple, understandable terms.
  • How it is activated. Where do all these incredible suggestions come from?.
  • The Autobrief dictionary. Briefs you use are automatically moved to your job dictionary. Nice!
  • AutoBrief Steno Theory. You get to tell it what kinds of briefs you want it to suggest.
  • The Plus and Minus tools. Simple and easy controls. Plus you want it. Minus, you don't.
  • The Settings button. New in V5, these are a game changer.
  • Settings Options. Maximum control and ease.

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