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Eclipse Automatic: Part 1 - AutoMagic

Date:            Wed, Feb 8th, 2012 8:30:00 pm Eastern Time
Presenter:   Keith Vincent
Price:            $49
CEUs:            .2
Recording:   Yes, Immediate
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You've probably heard this by now.  "AutoMagic" is a big breakthrough, a truly transformational feature introduced in Version 5 of Total Eclipse. Breakthrough, you say? Transformational? The natural response is to ask, "What is it and what will it do for me?" Will it make me richer and thinner, because you can't be "too" either of those. Will it make me soar like an eagle, shine like a full moon, roll like a rock star?

Not exactly. Sometimes you just need to use certain features in order to appreciate how truly revolutionary they are. But unless you start using it, and using it the right way, you'll never know. So while it may not make you richer, thinner, or shinier, we do know that this thought will hit you: Why would I ever NOT want to take advantage of AutoMagic?

It's like having a GPS built into Eclipse. Wherever you are, it knows what you're doing and suggests the ten most likely things you may need to do next. Well, we certainly don't want such great help to go to waste, which is why we're focusing on what AutoMagic can do for you.

In this webinar Keith will show just how active AutoMagic is and how it can help you edit faster and better. Topics include: 

  • Setting up the Info Bar. As with almost anything, there's stuff to know.
  • When to Use Pop-Ups for AutoMagic Choices. An important nuance.
  • Selecting Numbered Choices via Number Keys, a Calculator Keypad, or a mouse. Huge for Hyperkeys users.
  • AutoMagic Help in a Notes File.
  • AutoMagic Help in a Dictionary. Not just for editing, AutoMagic goes where you go.
  • AutoMagic Help for Paragraph-Related Choices. One of the biggest bugaboos for Eclipse users.
  • AutoMagic Help for Untranslates and Translation Magic Suggestions. From here on down, every user can benefit.
  • AutoMagic Help for Globalling. Time saver, stroke saver.
  • AutoMagic Help for Conflicts and Typeovers. Some little-known benefits.
  • AutoMagic Help for Spellings.
  • AutoMagic Help for Block-Marked Text. Many long-time users aren't even aware of this.
  • AutoMagic Help for Punctuation. Makes it easier still.
  • AutoMagic Help for Numbers.
  • AutoMagic Help for Form Fields. Automation on top of automation.

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