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Eclipse Version 9, Part 2

Eclipse Version 9, Part 2

Keep your seatbelts fastened, ladies and gentleman, because the Version 9 tour is far from over.

In addition to the brilliant innovations Keith unveiled in Part 1, Michael is going to continue with more enhancements in the never-cease-to-amaze-you category.


As if the AutoBrief feature wasn't good enough already, there are several new additions, including some very significant enhancements.


Wouldn't it be nice if the software could keep track of your misstrokes and make that information available to you so you can work on correcting those problems? Well, wish no more, it's here.


Several new audio related features have been added that are sure to please.


Creating macros(shortcuts) is now easier than ever before. Significantly reduce the number of keystrokes and commands it takes to produce your work. Work less. Produce more.


 • Auto-brief categories movable

 • Auto-brief steno theory add/modify dialogs

 • Additional pre-programmed Auto-brief theory hints

 • Auto-brief pop-up window transparency

 • A major new addition to argubly one of the best features of them all in CAT software.


 • Track drags and drops permanently

 • Macro recorder



 • Audio playback enhancements

 • Optionally break up/combine WAV files

 • Select compression dialog replaced

 • Enhanced audio VU meter

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