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Eclipse Version 9, Part 1

Eclipse Version 9, Part 1

Some of the most buzzworthy features in new Eclipse 9 are the Automated Proofreader, Google Translate support, QR Code generation, and Word Cloud conflict resolution.  Keith will present these in some depth, which still leaves a ton of great features for Michael and Jeremy to cover.


 • The Automated Proofreader makes it easy to detect errors that the spelling checker would never catch because they're not misspelled text.  In addition, it integrates with the AutoMagic suggestions so that correcting transcription issues takes typically just one keystroke.  Add this to a greatly improved "Watchwords" function and you'll see how Eclipse is obsessed with helping you deliver the most accurate transcripts. 


• As for Google Translate support, it means you can write or dictate in your native language while outputting to clients in a long list of foreign languages. 


 • What about QR code generation?  We've been seeing Quick Response codes appearing on products and in ads, plus we've started to see folks at airport checking in by scanning codes that appear on their smartphone screens.  Eclipse now lets you use that technology.  Keith will demonstrate how.


• Eclipse conflict resolution has always been based on grammatical analysis of the word that precedes and the word that follows, but some conflicts need another approach.  For a conflict like "break" versus "brake," Eclipse can now watch your entire document to see whether we're talking about fractures, pauses, vehicles, and other associated words.  Just one more great translation tool to help you get the best results.

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