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Eclipse Version 8 Preview: Part 2

Eclipse Version 8 Preview: Part 2

Some of the most important changes in Eclipse 8 are almost invisible.  Thus, in the second part of this two-part webinar suite, Keith Vincent will demonstrate how the use of Connection Magic functions like Team Editing and auto-refreshing of Bridge and Bridge Mobile client screens have been made both easier and more powerful.  He'll also demonstrate several features that are very visible because they take advantage of background colors to convey important information about the editing and production process.  Here are some of the topics that Keith plans to cover, while also reserving time for Q&A during the live presentation on January 25th.


  • Easier connections to the Connection Magic system, including simultaneous use of internet and LAN
  • Improvements to Team Editing via Connection Magic
  • "Apply on Pause" and other Improvements to Bridge Auto-Refresh Behavior
  • Tracking Multiple Editors
  • Using the new Paragraph Status System for document quality control
  • Improvements to Integral Prefix/Suffix Translation
  • Improvements to Translation Statistics
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