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Eclipse Version 8 Preview: Part 1

Eclipse Version 8 Preview: Part 1

When we say “Eclipse Version 8," that description has special significance for those of us who go back to the 90’s.  It was the last DOS version of Eclipse prior to switching over to a Windows-based program.  Beloved as it was, when we look back to those days, and then look at what we have now, it really helps us appreciate how far we've come.


This latest version of Eclipse, V8, adds miles to that divide. History has again repeated itself: This new version, like its DOS predecessor, is dense with fantastic new features and enhancements.  A number of key enhancements have been made to the Connection Magic feature, allowing for obstacle-free connections and for automated output to both the internet and a local area connection simultaneously.  An all-new paragraph status system has been implemented.  An all-new export to PDF feature enables you to proofread your documents in a PDF file and import that file, along with marks and highlights, back into an Eclipse document.


There are plenty of enhancements to existing features, too, such as additions and improvements to the Auto-brief, number conversion, conflict resolution, and analyze document features. New Eclipse V8 will, like its greatly-revered DOS ancestor, be a version our users will love!


Auto-brief Enhancements:


    • New Categories: Two new categories have been added to the Auto-brief feature.  One category tries to separate those briefs that are more likely to be used in everyday writing from those used just for the job.  The other category refers to briefs already used in the job.


    • Show reminder briefs in steno window: During the editing process, be reminded of briefs that can be used in the future.


    • Auto-brief suggestions during editing: It’s now possible to request a brief even if you’re not in an active realtime translation.


    • Auto-brief using user-supplied steno: You can now instruct Auto-brief to change the steno for a specific suggestion, and it’s steno you choose yourself.


Number Conversion:


    • Unlimited write-out rules: Write out rules determine when a number will translate as a word as opposed to a digit.  Now the automatic number conversion can accommodate any preferences for when numbers should be written out.


    • Persistent number triggers: Write a trigger and the next group of numbers will be formatted however you need them to be; dates, roman numerals, currency, custom formats, written out, digits, etc.


    • Numbers in a list: Improved translation accuracy for numbers in a list.




    • Export your transcript file to PDF:  Proofread the file.  If you make any notes or use highlighting in the PDF file, those marks and notes will be imported back into your Eclipse text document.


    • Improvements to Analyze Documents feature: Use of PDF files now available.  The analyze documents feature is a great tool to help you determine what is and is not in your dictionary.


    • Conflict resolution enhancements: Improved a/an conflict resolution capability.


  • Job-specific autoreplacements: The Autoreplacements feature is an oldie but goodie and can be a great time-saving tool during the editing process.  It’s been expanded to now allow for job-specific autoreplacements.
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