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Efficiency and Accuracy, Part 2: Unlocking the Power of Eclipse Dictionaries

Efficiency and Accuracy, Part 2: Unlocking the Power of Eclipse Dictionaries

Many of the simpler things we work with—small appliances, for example—are designed to be used right out of the box with what we call their “default settings.” There’s not much to customizing a toaster or an immersion blender, but you probably wouldn't drive a car without adjusting the mirrors, the seats, the steering wheel, maybe the air conditioning and the radio. And when it comes to a powerful CAT program like Eclipse, you need to spend some time fine-tuning it so it meets your needs. This holds especially true for your dictionaries because they determine the quality of your translation and thus the amount of editing that you'll have to do to deliver your transcripts. Optimally created dictionaries translate more accurately, and accurate translations save time, lots of it! Not much, if anything, is more important to reporters.



The following topics are all part of this webinar by Keith Vincent on Eclipse dictionaries:




  • Column arrangement, resizing, sorting
  • Display properties including date format, numbering, synching
  • Vertical display of steno in dictionary entries
  • Use of New Window for multiple views in a dictionary
  • Customizable dictionary searches




  • Moving unused entries to reduce bloat and aid Translation Magic
  • Syntax and documentation for punctuation, prefixes/suffixes, etc.
  • Syntax for alphabets (with Auto-Brief in mind)
  • Slop-stroke syntax and conflict resolution
  • Slop-stroke syntax and Translation Magic
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